Why Hire an Architect?

The American Institute of Architects is the professional organization for more than 86,000 licensed architects and associated professionals. With headquarters in Washington, D.C. and nearly 300 state and local chapters worldwide, the AIA helps to build public awareness of architecture and supports the practice of architecture.

In addition to meeting professional standards for licensure to practice architecture, AIA members must remain current within the field through continuing education and will adhere to the AIA Code of Ethics, assuring professional conduct in all interactions.

Due to the complex issues surrounding every project, it is crucial that you rely on knowledgeable and trustworthy people. AIA members are highly trained professionals who are ethically bound to represent your interests. They have the specific education, experience, and vision necessary to successfully guide your project through the design and construction process. Architects are problem solvers who provide meaningful guidance and creative solutions for all phases of a project.

Involving an AIA architect at the earliest stage in project planning can allow for a better opportunity to analyze your needs, develop effective solutions, and propose more ways to reduce costs from the beginning. With a broad understanding of design and construction, an AIA architect can help guide you through the entire process more smoothly.

An AIA architect will demonstrate a strong commitment to your project and ensure that your project is the end result of your vision. A member of your local Southern Oregon AIA chapter will be familiar and sensitive to your region, community, and neighborhood.